Horowitz CD

Vladimir Horowitz was 81 years old at the time that this recording was made. This CD contains pieces by Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Schubert, Liszt, Schumann, and others. Horowitz achieved a huge success with many of these pieces, particularly – in my view – the Schubert, Schumann, Mozart, and the others that are somewhat less complicated on a technical level. As a musician, Horowitz was always the sublime performer. At age 81, I am prepared to be understanding of a few challenges he faced in those selections where there was much greater technical challenge. The Chopin Scherzo and the “Heroic” Polonaise fall into this category.

In the end, however, if there is any doubt about the coordination of Horowitz’s fingers, it will be set aside by the Moszkowski Etude.

Having left his native Russia as a young man, Vladimir Horowitz was able to return there one last time and to reconnect with his native land, so that the Russian public could have one last concert. He died soon afterward. But his music and his legendary interpretations will last for many more years.

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