Mitsuko Uchida, Conductor and Pianist

Uchida as conductor and pianist: Mozart Concerti numbers 13 and 20

Mitsuko Uchida became very well known years ago, when she recorded all of the Mozart piano concerti with Dr. Geoffrey Tate and the English Chamber Orchestra. I enjoyed many of these CD’s.

In this DVD, we see Uchida as piano soloist and also as conductor of the Camerata Salzburg Orchestra.

From the outset, I was struck by Ms. Uchida’s somewhat unusual conducting style. Seemingly, however, it worked for the performers, particularly as we see her asking the musicians to pay attention to the dynamic markings, especially the very quiet parts. And certainly there’s no doubt that she knows the score thoroughly.

Uchida played in a very musical and sensitive way. However, I did not like the distraction created by orchestra’s timpani sound. The timpanist used very hard sticks, possibly to obtain a more “authentic sound” that may have been in vogue in Mozart’s day.

In summary, this DVD contains a performance that interesting and satisfying.


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