Cecilia Bartoli: The emotional range

Cecilia Bartoli sings Mozart portraits

For me, this recording is about the abilities of Ms. Bartoli to achieve a range of emotions!

And the performance is accomplished with the outstanding support of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra

It seems as though the selections were chosen to illustrate what this wonderful singer can do as she portrays different heroines in Mozart’s operas. Here are some examples:

In Track 1, from Mozart’s Cosi fan Tutte, Fiordiligi sings to express her disdain for the reckless men who try to get her to be faithless to her lover. You can hear the strong voice, the secure, tough voice that disparages the men who try to seduce her. Yet a bit later on that same track, we hear the gentle side of Fiordiligi, singing of the fact that “this voice will always be strong in its fidelity and its love…”

In Track 4, we hear Bartoli in her role as the Contessa in Mozart’s Nozze di Figaro. She recalls: “Where are these moments of sweetness and pleasure?”. Now the voice is one of sadness, resignation, and regret. Yet we hear the voice as though created by a crystal: Pure, sonorous, and almost echoing in its beauty and clarity.

In Track 7, we are in the Mozart masterpiece, Don Giovanni. Donna Elvira sings of the Don and wondering what horrible deeds he is involved in now. She’s speaking out of her own wretched experiences with him, and recalling the pain he has caused her. Now Ms Bartoli produces a voice of anger, desperation, and the desire for revenge. Yet later we hear the sighs of the orchestra music and also the singer, who clearly recalls her former love for Don Giovanni.

Track 9 is the well-known Exultate Jubilate K. 165, which does not originate in an Opera. It is a composition for singer with orchestra. “Exult and rejoice, you souls, singing joyful songs…” It’s easy to be exalted when one hears the artistry of Ms. Bartoli with her amazing rendition and her totally musical phrasing and delivery.

This recording is a gem!

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