Pletnev Performs Beethoven

Mikhail Pletnev performs Beethoven’s Piano Concerto # 5

While Mikhail Pletnev is known as both a conductor and as a pianist, I have more knowledge of his superb abilities as a pianist. I have long admired his musicianship, his strong technical skills, and his ability to achieve an amazing range of dynamics.

The music of Beethoven’s concerto # 5 is well known. The piano achieves a wonderful balance with the orchestra, under the leadership of Christian Gansch. Pletnev’s first movement is up to all the technical challenges, and the second movement is soft, dream-like, and wonderfully executed with the sensitivity of Pletnev’s touch and interpretation. In the third movement (finale) there appears to be no slowing down and no struggles with any of the demands on the soloist. The music comes off with Pletnev’s own style and interpretation: Strong, clear, direct, totally musical, with wonderful phrasing and expressive dynamics.

There are not a whole lot of recordings with Pletnev as pianist. This one is certainly a terrific example of Mikhail Pletnev’s abilities as a soloist.

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