Beaux Arts Trio performs Schubert

Beaux Arts Trio performs Schubert

Mr. Menahem Pressler, the group’s legendary pianist retired in 2008. Last year, before he retired, I heard him play in San Francisco and enjoyed his playing as I have so many times before…

Pressler is a master interpreter of Schubert’s music and these trios are no exception. What heavenly music this is! The Viennese called Schubert’s music Engelmusik (the music of angels)… and they were right on!

Schubert died in his 30’s. And we can hear his sadness and his disappointments, and his torments if we really listen. His magic is to allow the sun to shine through the trees periodically, and this gives the sadness depicted in the music some welcome relief.

Just listen to the second movement in each of the trios: Nature comes through; so do the feelings of solitude, quiet, loneliness, and pain which were so frequently present in Schubert’s life.

The performers create a fine balance of sound: the piano is in the foreground when it carries the melody. Yet the Violin and the Cello are prominently present in the appropriate spots to make these performances so enjoyable.

If you’d like to hear Mr. Pressler, as he continues his solo piano performance schedule, see below:

Pressler web-site is:

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