Martha Argerich Performs!

Martha Argerich performs!

I remember hearing Martha Argerich performing at Carnegie Hall a few years ago; and… I was blown away by her musicianship, her technique, and the brilliance of her playing.

On this CD, we have the opportunity to hear her play a large variety of compositions. There is the magic of Johann Sebastian Bach, and the astounding music of Brahms, Schumann, and Chopin. And then moving to later times, we hear her perform Liszt, Prokofiev, Ravel, and Rachmaninov. Ms. Argerich is a musical painter: she gives us the colors, the shadings, and seemingly the perspective that the composer wanted us to have.

Ms. Argerich can produce amazing results with the piano, and I delighted in her interpretive sensitivity, as well as her technical range. What more can one say? If you want some musical variety for piano solo, interpreted by one of the great players of our time, I expect that you’ll be very happy with this CD!

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