Murray Perahia Plays Bach

Perahia Plays Bach’s Partitas 1, 5, and 6

It continues to be an amazing fact for me that Johann Sebastian Bach’s music has had such a powerful influence on all music as we know it today. I bet he would be surprised if he knew the extent of his long-term influence on musical development…

Now here are these Bach Partitas, as played so beautifully by Murray Perahia! He plays with terrific precision, and great technical mastery. I particularly love to hear the left-hand Bass, and its strong role in these compositions.

Perahia’s artistry, feeling, phrasing, and beauty of sound are the chief hallmarks of this CD. And this is music for any time and any mood. Great for inspiration; good for introspection; and even wonderful if you’d like to try to have the music lull you to sleep.

This is great expressive music that was composed in the 1700’s. It is astounding that this music, and Perahia’s elegant performance fit so well for my enjoyment more than 200 years after it was written.

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