Mutter Performs Mozart

Mutter performs Mozart

There are only a few rare cases where a composition by Mozart is of less interest to me. On this DVD, there are two such cases: It turns out that I simply do not connect with the Violin concerto #1 and #2. On the other hand, I am a great fan or the Mozart Violin Concerto # 3 in G, K 216. The possible reason for this “connection” is that I played this work for many years now, and it is a great favorite. In addition, I am also a great fan of the concertos numbers 4 and 5, which are not part of this collection.

I cannot say enough about Ms. Mutter’s performance of the third concerto: It is musically outstanding. She shows us absolutely wonderful phrasing, great changes in dynamics, and simplicity of style that is so fitting for Mozart’s compositions. If you listen actively to the second movement, you will be on a musical journey second to none. Yes… there is great sadness here, but you can look forward to the 3rd and final movement to experience the joy that so many of Mozart’s works provide us.

The accompaniment by the Camerata Salzburg, under Ms. Mutter’s direction is also very pleasing. Of particular note is the outstanding playing of the oboes and other wind instruments. The orchestra produces a fine balance and always allows Ms. Mutter’s playing to be in the forefront.

In subsequent disks of this series, you can hear Mutter perform with violist Yuri Bashmet the Mozart Sinfonia Concertante, K364, and the other concertos for violin.

Click below to hear a section of the violin concerto #1:

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