Karajan Memorial Concert

Karajan Memorial Concert

Anne-Sophie Mutter is among the top 3 Violinists performing today. The story of her professional relationship as a young person with Herbert Von Karajan is well-known, and so it is not a surprise that she would record a concert in his memory.

This latest Mutter version of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto is both a memorial and likely also part of her great expressiveness for one of the most influential men in her life.

The second movement is quite slow, with every phrase beautifully played by Anne-Sophie Mutter and the Orchestra.  For me, however, the second movement tempo was actually too slow. The third movement, as a contrast, is a happy dedication and celebration of Von Karajan’s Life: forceful, confident, intelligent and full of joy. Wonderful music making!

Yes, there is a Bach encore; Apparently, it was a piece which Anne-Sophie played for Von Karajan years ago, when he was the first important mentor in her musical career.

The sound is faithful to the Vienna Musikverein Golden Hall acoustic, which has always been an impressive venue for all music performances.
The Tchaikovsky Symphony #6 is brilliantly played and conducted; while it is a well-known work, I always enjoy coming back to it, particularly when it is performed by the VPO.

The DVD includes fascinating and important interviews of Mutter and Ozawa by an excellent interviewer.

Here is an audio/visual section of the first movement for your enjoyment:

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