Jan Vogler performs!

There are times when I like to listen to shorter selections of music. And there are other times when I am in the mood for a Brahms symphony, or a Mahler work that can be more than an hour long…

This is a CD album of short pieces for Cello and chamber orchestra. Most of the works are by famous classical composers such as JS Bach and Tchaikovsky, but there is also an arrangement of Henry Mancini’s ‘Moon River’. Included also is the music for the Jewish High Holidays, as set for orchestra by Ernst Bloch. All of the music is beautifully performed and the sound quality is excellent. The mood of the recording varies from the joyous, to the serious, sometimes even somber. Yet all the selections are thoughtfully performed and quite satisfying for the listener.

Jan Vogler’s playing is one of the most lyrical in terms of musical expression. He is a serious artist, and intent on giving us a meaningful experience with strong feeling, and excellent phrasing.

 Here is an extract showing the preparation of this CD. There are some comments by Jan Vogler, but they are brief; and… they are in German. Be patient for a few seconds, and the music will start:

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