Music of Philip Glass!

I was delighted with this Philip Glass music. It’s a very mellow and beautiful recording. The sonorities and colors that Ms. Dubeau and La Pieta are able to bring to this music are great! I am recommending this to anyone who likes warm, mellow, and enjoyable music.

The playing is uniformly excellent – the music is primarily for strings, with the Hours Suite adding harp, piano and celesta. It is also mainly based on music for movies: Cocteau’s “Beauty and the beast”, “The Hours”, “The secret agent” and “Mishima”. Also included are selections for the play “Company”, “Echorus” and “Closing” from the album ‘Glassworks’.

Anyone should be able to like this album – it’s easily accessible to all, and not dissonant. You can either sit down and carefully listen to these wonderful sounds or play it as a great introduction to Philip Glass for those who are new to him.

Here is Angele Dubeau playing with La Pieta some other selections that are great. Enjoy…

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