Creative Site!

Creative Site!

The New York Philharmonic Orchestra now has a neat site where one can follow the conductor’s score while listening to a major symphony. Imagine: you can follow an old score from the time in the early 1900’s when Gustav Mahler was the conductor of the NY Philharmonic. It is a matter of great study to determine which markings on the score may actually be in Mahler’s hand. One sees a lot of markings in blue pencil, and then occasionally also in black. For some of us, it is fun to be able to turn the score pages electronically (by clicking the cursor on the right-hand corner), and to be able the follow the recorded sounds.

Check this out here:

The site contains all the Mahler Symphonies as recorded from the years when Lorin Maazel was the Music Director.

Listen to any/all of your favorite Mahler Symphonies; then purchase the ones you want. And if you want to try the score reading, just follow the site instructions.

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Here’s an interview with Alan Gilbert, the NY Philharmonic’s current Music Director.

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