Schiff’s Beethoven!

Schiff’s Beethoven! 

This is Volume 8, representing Beethoven’s sonatas for piano, op. 109, 110 and 111.

The last three sonatas, #30, #31 and #32, of Ludwig van Beethoven are in a class by themselves. They represent the zenith of Beethoven’s compositional genius in music for the piano. From a stylistic standpoint, these works were also revolutionary for the times in which they were created. Keep in mind that Beethoven was a student of Haydn; yet these sonatas achieve a unique departure point when it comes to expressiveness and originality. 

Andras Schiff put his all into the performance of these pieces, which were actually an entire series of recitals during which Schiff performed all 32 of these masterworks. The viewer gets to see the performer’s power, phrasing, dynamics control, emotion, and sensitivity while he shows us what Beethoven had created.

This last volume was recorded in the empty concert hall Neumarkt, Germany. The sound quality is superb, and you feel as though you’re sitting right there with the performer.

Click below for an interesting analysis by Schiff on Beethoven’s Op. 111:

And here is Schiff, conducting a master class on the music of Bach:

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