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No matter what school we went to, and no matter where we went to school, our memories of the school experience are a powerful force for so many of us. Certainly during this time of the year, as graduation approaches, whether from Kindergarten, or from graduate school, we collect more memories…

For music schools, the end of a course of study, frequently brings about a performance of a concert in which the music student is expected to show what he/she learned during, say, a 4-year course of study leading to a degree in Music Performance. As such, the concert takes place, parents, friends, teachers, and admirers show up, and after the concert, student can occasionally face a huge anti-climax. Wow… all that work… all that preparation, and after 75 minutes of the performance, Poof… it’s all over.

That’s where My Classical Notes can come in via our new Alliance with Stanford Music:

I talked with Stanford’s Music department about the concept of providing an opportunity for selected students, staff, teaching groups, and even guest lecturers to be featured in this blog. As a result, if a staff member just concluded an interesting assignment in Berlin, or if a senior student in Music composition recently won an international award, that person may be featured here, so that our readers learn a bit more about this person’s accomplishments.

Our first guest as part of this Alliance is Nick Hersh.

Nick is a senior in Cello and Conducting at Stanford. In March he gave his Cello recital, and at the end of April, he conducted a performance of Mozart’s Requiem. He conducted the performance of this work that Mozart composed shortly before he died. The Requiem was performed at the Stanford Church, and I had arranged to interview Nick, just as he was getting ready to go to the final dress rehearsal with his performing group. Click below to hear that interview:

Stanford Music Alliance with “My Classical Notes”


Click below to hear 5 minutes of the amazing Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as performed by Nick Hersh, conducting at the Stanford Church:

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