Handel’s mad ladies!

Joyce DiDonato has been receiving well-deserved enthusiastic reviews for her performances and recordings. In this CD, we hear Handel in many diverse opera settings. These scenes offer Ms. DiDonato many opportunities to show off her wonderful voice and its capabilities to display its many colors.

From Handel’s opera “Teseo” she offers Medea’s breathtaking aria “Dolce Riposo” that conveys her abilities to present diverse emotional ranges. We also hear arias from Julius Cesar, Admeto, Hercules, Semele, Teseo, and others.

In this CD – in my view – the content is all about being a vehicle to display Ms. DiDonato’s voice. And the voice takes on the roles of many weird, insane women to show us the amazing range, phrasing, colors, and styling capabilities of this terrific singer!

Here is a video of Joyce DiDonato singing the Handel opera scenes of madness and  fury:

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