Old Instrument!

Viola D’amore!

The Viola D’amore usually has six or seven playing strings, which are sounded by drawing a bow across them, just as with a violin. In addition, it has an equal or larger number of so-called sympathetic strings located below the main strings and the fingerboard which are not played directly but vibrate in sympathy with the notes played.

Violinist Hélène Plouffe explores the most beautiful works dedicated to this delightful instrument. Arias from the Bach St. John’s Passion accompany works by Telemann, Graupner, (with bass chalumeau), Biber, Petzold, and Milandre.

This CD was introduced March 23, 2010; there are 25 tracks.

Additional instruments used are in various groupings with: Flute, one or more Viola d’amores, and string Bass; compositions include a collection of Partitas and Trios, all intended to introduce the listener to the color, sound and quality of this instrument.

Here is Hélène Plouffe in a video, explaining, demonstrating, and playing with the Viola D’amore. The video is in French, but there are English subtitles. Enjoy!


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