Vladimir Ashkenazy (piano)

Since Vladimir Ashkenazy’s debut in 1963, he has recorded more than 200 albums as pianist or conductor, yet he has never recorded the Bach Six Partitas. As such, he brings a lifetime of pianistic and musical experience to these masterpieces of Bach.

I continue to experience Bach as a most singular composer: His music is for me like none other in its capability to achieve a variety of experiences. Yes… I love to be moved my most of Mahler’s music; yet Bach can transport me from great calmness to great joy, to humor all in one musical experience!
This album will become a ‘must-have’ purchase for Bach and Ashkenazy fans…

Click below to hear Ashkenazy play the Bach Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 Prelude and Fugue in A minor no.20 BWW 865:

And… here he plays one of my great favorites: Bach Well Tempered Clavier  Book 1 Prelude and Fugue no.1 in C major BWV 846


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