Jitka Cechova!

Jitka Čechová, Pianist

I am amazed at the number of excellent pianists whose playing I enjoy, yet they are new to me. On this CD, Jitka Cechova performs the Brahms Piano Sonata No. 3 in F minor, as well as Liszt’s B-Minor Sonata and Mephisto Waltz number 1.

Brahms was a pianist before he started to compose music. For me, there’s always a sense whether the performer is capturing what I believe Brahms’ intentions were. And I like Cechova’s lyrical, passionate energy and expressiveness. The composer also often included themes of folk tunes. In this case we hear a Hungarian reference in the 3rd movement that Cechova plays delightfully and in fine rhythm. The Finale, too, is a lyrical beautiful movement, and the performer does a fine job with it, as well.

Personally I am not a Liszt fan, so I’ll skip any comments on that part of the CD.

Here is Jitka Čechová, Pianist, in B. Smetana’s Bagatelles and Impromptus, as well as the Idyll in G major:


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