Kirschlager sings lullabies!

This recording of lullabies stands out because of the exquisite musical sensitivity the singer brings to each song. Angelika Kirschschlager’s voice is so pure and so expressive, it delights both children and adults. The diverse instrumentation adds variety to the well – known repertoire. The artist has succeeded in presenting the well known form of “lullabies” to a wider audience through her fine phrasing and commitment to keep the music simple and true to the composer’s wishes. Ms. Kirchschlager approaches each song with the same heart-felt emotion as if she were singing it for the first time.

The accompanying pianists and other instrumentalists are all excellent. The predominantly slow songs have a certain monotony, which is intended to induce a child’s sleep. Many of Kirschlager’s selections stand out in this collection: The two Brahms songs with viola; two Schubert Cradle Songs; several nice Spanish songs; a Haydn arrangement of a Welsh lullaby; a lovely romantic song by Zemlinsky; and a new one by Miguel Kertsman written for Kirchschlager and just right for her sensitive, beautiful voice.

Click HERE to go to a separate site where you can select and listen to all 20 tracks on this CD.


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