The late Charles MacKerras!

Mozart by the late MacKerras!

This was Sir Charles Mackerras’s final recording…

He died on July 14, 2010. While he was born in Schenectady, New York, the family moved to Australia when Charles was 3 years old. Sir Charles brought the world a vast amount of live and recorded pleasure in his unique ability to lead the performance of music.

This recording has 2 CD’s, and it includes Mozart’s symphonies numbers 29; 31 and 32; as well as 35 and 36.

Sir Charles Mackerras made a sizeable series of distinguished Mozart recordings with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. There are two primary attractions of this album; the admirable performances of these masterpieces and the exceptional SACD recorded sound.

Mackerras delivers sensitive and lively interpretations of these Mozart symphonies. He observes all the repeats. I have paid special attention to the slow movements, and I love the way we hear the sensitive accents, where appropriate, and the way the winds shine through at the right places. Balance and musicality are seen in each work.

Sir Charles produced a series of dazzling performances from members of the orchestra. Many of these symphonies are my great favorites, and here they get superb treatment. The SCO created bright, lively performances under Sir Charles’ leadership, and we have here a very nice recording, as well.

What follows is a video showing the rehearsal and preparation of this performance by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra:



Click below to hear a fine tribute to Sir Charles MacKerras as well as much more music that he conducted:


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