Andre Previn!

André Previn: A Bridge Between Two Worlds
A documentary about Grammy Lifetime Award Winner 2010 André Previn

This DVD is to be issued: Sept. 28, 2010

Andre Previn is one of the leading musicians of our day. The eighty-one year old pianist, conductor, and classical composer has not only received four Academy awards, but was also one of the most influential jazz musicians of the fifties and sixties.

“A Bridge Between Two Worlds” is a portrait of Previn’s fascinating musicianship and also looks candidly at his private life, including his relationship with his two ex-wives, Mia Farrow and Anne-Sophie Mutter. As a bonus, this release features two Mozart’s Piano Quartets K. 478 and K 493 with Andre Previn, and members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
Participants include:

• André Previn
• Anne-Sophie Mutter
• Renée Fleming
• Mia Farrow
• Lukas Previn

Here is Andre Previn playing the Mozart Piano Quartet KV 493, 1st movement, Allegro


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