Holliger’s Oboe!

The Baroque Oboe!

This is a set of concerti, played by the greatest oboist of our era, Heinz Holliger. He performs with the Academy of St Martin in the Fields in Bach and Telemann compositions; and with the I Musici group in Marcello, Sammartini and Albinoni. Holliger is technically outstanding and musically excellent  in his fine interpretation.

Heinz Holliger has made a huge contribution to the rediscovery of little known and neglected works for the instrument. In addition, as a composer, he has also been responsible for many new compositions for the oboe, and his repertoire ranges from the baroque as heard on these 3 CDs, through the classical era of Stamitz, Hummel, Mozart, and Bellini to the avant-garde where he has worked closely with Pierre Boulez. The earliest modern oboes appeared in the 1660s, and it had by this time adopted a more flexible and softer sound making it possible to play together with violins. Its popularity spread from France where these innovations to the instrument took place, to centers of musical excellence in Italy where composers such as Lotti, Marcello and Albinoni worked.

The Venetian musical scene inspired Bach to adapt Vivaldi concertos for the keyboard, and Marcello’s concertos may well have provided the inspiration for his own concertos BWV1053/5/9.

  The tracks on this fine recording are as follows:

Concerto Op. 9 No. 8 for oboe & strings in G minor

Bach, J S:
Concerto in F major, BWV1053
Concerto in D minor, BWV1059
d’amore Concerto in A major, BWV1055

Benjamin, A:
Concerto in C minor for oboe and strings on themes of Domenico Cimarosa

Concerto for Oboe d’amore and Strings in A

Marcello, A:
Concerto in D Minor

Sammartini, G:
Conccerto for Oboe and Strings in D

Concerto in E minor
Concerto in C minor
Concerto in F minor
Concerto in D for oboe, strings and continuo


Here is Heinz Holliger in Mozart’s Oboe concerto:


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