Hilary Hahn!

Hilary Hahn interviews!

I am a long-term admirer of Hilary Hahn, and for good reasons: she’s a brilliant violinist, strongly musical, with a wonderful sense of taste, and terrific technical capability as a violinist. Small wonder that she is highly in demand to perform concerts world-wide.

I recall my last live concert by Hilary Hahn. She’s developed a style where she also communicates with the audience verbally, and thus enhances her performances with either historical notes or interpretive explanations, particularly in small settings of chamber music.

Ms. Hahn has recorded a lot of the classical and the more contemporary violin concerti. She is an outstanding performer of the Bach Solo Sonatas and partitas, as well.

Hilary has likely been interviewed hundreds of times. Recently, however, she reversed roles and became the interviewer, herself:

Here is her interview with the new Music Director of the Utah Symphony Orchestra:



And here she is again (in 2003), performing the Bach: Violin Concerto #2 In E, BWV 1042 – 3rd movement, Allegro Assai

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