Happy Birthday Giacomo

Happy Birthday, Giacomo

December 22nd is the birthday of Giacomo Puccini; he was born in 1858.

This DVD is a recording of the performance of La Boheme at the Met on April 5, 2008 which was transmitted in HD worldwide.

This disc has outstanding video and audio with an ideal casting of Angela Gheorghiu and Ramon Vargas in the principal roles, supported by a fine mix of veterans and newcomers to the Met. Everyone in this line-up is gifted with enormous talent, rich voices and fine musicality.

The conductor is Nicola Luisotti, a highly talented Italian who certainly knows his Puccini, and one who knows how to accommodate his singers’ ideas without sacrificing the integrity of the music. He occasionally uses some faster tempos, but always to enhance rather than diminish the musical and dramatic values. He supports his singers sensitively and the orchestra responds beautifully.

This is, of course timeless music, and in fact the final scene always brings tears to my eyes.

Here are Ramon Vargas and Angela Gheorghiu in “Che gelida manina” from this La Boheme Met 2008 production:



What can I say? This great music speaks for itself…

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