Hilary Hahn, the interviewer!

Hilary Hahn’s Interview!

Hilary Hahn performed the Tchaikovsky Violin concerto in Los Angeles this week. While I was not there, I am told that it was, as usual, one great performance.

I have attended many of Ms. Hahn’s performances, and I especially enjoy her smaller recitals, because she frequently talks with the audience about the music, either before or after her performance. It is great for the listener to get this additional insight from the performer…

As part of  Hilary Hahn’s visit in Los Angeles, she performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, under the direction of Rafael Fruhbeck de Burgos. On this occasion, she conducted an interview herself! She wanted to share with her audience more about the role of the conductor in making music.

As a performer, you have to put up with the constant requests for signatures, and constant requests by the media and by the public to answer the same questions about your career, the difficulties of travel and other topics. And Hilary turned the tables now, and put *herself* in the role of the interviewer for a change!

Here’s Ms. Hahn’s interview with conductor Fruebeck de Burgos:



Here is Hilary Han in the Shostakovich Violin concerto:



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