Competing musicians

Russian Child Prodigies

The film COMPETITORS tells the story of success and failure in the world of classical music. Approaching the four subjects of this DVD, and combined with moving flashbacks from the film “Russia’s Wonder Children”, it likely will become an important study of four young people growing up under the severe pressure of a musical competitive strife.

At the age of seventeen, Irina Chistyakova looks back at an international concert career of ten years. By now seventeen years old, she is going through a drama that many prodigies experience: while they were children, they were able to amaze audiences with their precocious talents. Now, only perfectly – accomplished performances matter for these musicians. As a result, they have become COMPETITORS in the competitive music industry.

Like Irina, Nikita Mndoyants (18), Dmitry Krutogolovy (19), and Elena Kolesnichenko (25), are still showered with praise and distinction. But what price did they have to pay for it? Irina has already had her share of backache, tendonitis and neuritis.

There is a lot that is disturbing about this DVD. Yet it also provides realistic information of what sacrifices one must make to achieve the life of a performer…

Here’s a video of these kids and of their capabilities:

And here are some of the above folks as adults; unfortunately the Russian translation is into German…

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