Mozart’s masterpiece

Mozart: Divertimento K563;
Performed by Trio Zimmerman

There are occasions when I hear a composition that’s been “hidden” from me for a long while, and I re-experience the amazing beauty and thrill that it provides for the listener. Such was the case when I heard again the Mozart Divertimento K. 563. What wonderful music that is!

Mozart’s E flat Divertimento K563 is the greatest work ever composed for string trio. Yet recordings of it seem to come along infrequently, and truly outstanding versions are even rarer.

I actually heard the viola player, Antoine Tamestit in a live concert in New York, several years ago, and it looks like he’s done well.

This CD, with violinist Frank Peter Zimmermann, viola player Antoine Tamestit and cellist Christian Poltera, is a strong achievement, with outstanding phrasing and excellent recording technique. It is played by a set of chamber musicians who know how to listen carefully to each other and to produce a fine, balanced, cohesive performance

The CD release date was: 4th January, 2011

On this CD are two compositions:

  • 1. Franz Schubert
  • 2. Mozart: Divertimento (Mozart: Divertimento/ Schubert: String Trio)

International record review:

“The players of Trio Zimmermann do this Divertimento full justice. Tempos are well chosen, the two outer movements played to suggest an apt forward-pressing animation but never so fast as to cause blurring of rapidly articulated passages. Tonally, the group avoids unwanted lushness and prominent vibrato, thereby suggesting, without duplicating, an eighteenth-century sonority.”

In the following video, Mstislav Rostropovich meets violinist Frank Peter Zimmermann and pianist Gianluca Cascioli in Evian to play something completely different: The Shostakovich Trio n°2 op 67 in E-minor

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