Renee Fleming!

Mozart: Don Giovanni

Starring Renee Fleming, Bryn Terfel, Ferruccio Furlanetto, Solveig Kringelborn, Paul Groves, Hei-Kyung Hong, John Relyea, Sergei Koptchak;

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus; James Levine, conducting

I have reviewed several newer DVD’s of Mozart’s operas recently on this blog, and they simply did not measure up: Yea… those in non-singing roles were trying to get attention with low-cost staging, and other tricks; however the key aspect was: The singing and acting simply did not meet even minimum requirements.

So… this older production that I saw and enjoyed last night is a must see for all Mozart opera fans. Renee Fleming is her amazing exquisite self in the role of Donna Anna- regal, grieving, and in mourning over the death of her father. Bryn Terfel gives us a fantastic Don Giovanni, in turn charming, self-absorbed, and vicious. Terfel’s performance depicts a Don whose evil was beyond redemption.

However, for me one of the most outstanding aspects of seeing this performance was seeing two singers with whom I was unfamiliar: Solveig Kringelborn as Donna Elvira, and Hong Hei-Kyung as Zerlina. Solveig Kringelborn beautifully portrays a woman who was both in love and had been wronged. Hong Hei-Kyung did a terrific job playing a naïve, charming young woman when encountering a nobleman, but then turned into an amorous coquette as she dealt with Masetto’s jealousy. And Ferruccio Furlanetto is terrific as an actor that one almost forgets to notice how well he sings his part as Leprello.

In my view, this is a version of the Mozart masterpiece which belongs in every collection!

Here is a charming scene from the opera: Batti, Batti O Bel Masetto, with Hei-Kyung Hong and John Relyea:

And now here is Terfel, singing La ci darem la mano:

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