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José Miguel Moreno is a leading Spanish performer of plucked string instruments. In fact, he is a lot more: A concert performer, researcher, and a builder and collector of musical instruments.
Moreno plays a range of instruments made either by Lourdes Uncilla or by himself in order to infuse with a new vitality the fundamental repertories in the history of the guitar.

This special edition CD marks the departure point of a new process of collaboration between José Miguel Moreno and the recording label which he helped to create, with brand new recordings being planned which will appear later this year.

This audio CD will be issued on May 24, 2011

Selections on this CD are as follows:


  • Marionas
  • Canarios


  • Canciones populares catalanas


  • Ständchen. Mäßig, tempo rubato (Franz Schubert, arr. Mertz)
  • Lied ohne Worte (Bardenklänge)


  • Pavana 2
  • Fantasia X


  • Giga
  • Cumbées


  • 4 Variations on “Guárdame las vacas”
  • Paseabase el Rey moro
  • Canción del Emperador (sobre “Mille Regretz” de Josquin des Prez)


  • Pavanas con partitas al ayre Español
  • Folias
  • Lantururu
  • Canarios


  • Adieu (spurious) arr. Tárrega


  • Introduction et variations sur l’air: Malborough Op. 28
  • Andantino en Re menor (Six Divertimenti, Op. 2)
  • Andante Maestoso, Op. 11 No. 5
  • Andante espressivo
  • Variations on a Theme by Mozart, Op. 9


  • Andante sostenuto
  • Lagrima
  • Mazurka in G
  • Paquito (Vals)
  • Adelita
  • Marieta
  • Endecha
  • Sueno
  • Oremus
  • Pavana

All the selections are performed by José Miguel Moreno on vihuela, baroque guitar, classical-romantic guitar, and post-romantic guitar.

Here is José Miguel Moreno performing:

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