Rattle’s Schoenberg

Rattle’s Schoenberg

On this CD, Simon Rattle conducts the Berlin Philharmonic musicians in performances of orchestral works by Arnold Schoenberg.

Schoenberg created an orchestral arrangement of the Brahms Piano Quartet in G minor Op. 25; this piece must be a favorite of Sir Simon and of audiences, because it is performed quite often in this arrangement. The accompanying works are Schoenberg’s soundtrack for Begleitungsmusik zu einer Lichtspielszene (‘Accompanying Music for a Film Scene’), composed in 1929, and the 1935 re-working for full orchestra of the Chamber Symphony No. 1.

Sir Simon Rattle became chief conductor and artistic director of the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra in September 2002. His contract was recently extended to 2018.

Here is the Schoenberg Chamber Symphony No. 1, with Sir Simon Rattle and the Berliner Philharmoniker:

And here is a portion of the Brahms/Schönberg: Piano Quartet in G-minor, Op.25

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