Martha Argerich

Martha Argerich live at Verbier Festival

Recorded live during the Verbier Festival, Switzerland, 22 July 2009 (Beethoven, and Scarlatti) and 17 July 2010 (Shostakovich, and Bizet).

  • Beethoven:

Piano Concerto No. 2 in B flat major, Op. 19
Martha Argerich (piano)
Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra, Gábor Takács-Nagy

  • Bizet:

Symphony in C
Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra, Gábor Takács-Nagy

  • Scarlatti, D:

Keyboard Sonata K141 in D minor
Martha Argerich (piano)

  • Shostakovich:

Piano Concerto No. 1 in C minor for piano, trumpet & strings, Op. 35
Martha Argerich (piano) & David Guerrier (trumpet)
Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra, Gábor Takács-Nagy

The Verbier Festival, held each summer in the Swiss Alps, has developed over eighteen years into one of the most important classical music festivals in Europe, bringing together great musical talent and dedicated music lovers alike from across the globe. And Ms. Argerich has been a devoted artist at the festival for many years now.

Martha Argerich has long been recognized as one of the greatest and most uniquely imaginative pianists. There is great passion and great beauty in her playing. She is most admired for the pure joy of her music-making and her individual approach to each work, each situation and each audience. I’ll always remember her performance of the Ravel G-Major piano concerto that I heard years ago at Carnegie Hall.

Martha Argerich celebrated her 70th birthday on the 5 June 2011.

Here is Martha Argerich in the wonderful Scarlatti’s sonata k. 141:



And here is the Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 2, first movement, with Ms. Argerich, conducted by Takács-Nagy, and the Verbier Orchestra:


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