Stephen Hough’s Chopin

Stephen Hough’s Chopin Waltzes

While I actually prefer to hear the music of Chopin in a setting of diverse compositions rather than all the waltzes at one time, this CD is important, enjoyable and beautifully played.

In the first eight tracks, Stephen Hough includes in this lovely collection the eight waltzes that Chopin approved for publication in his lifetime first, before moving on to the posthumously published ones. When you have a performer such as Mr. Hough, I suspect that in any order, these masterpieces would be equally enjoyable. Few pianists today play Chopin with as much sensitivity, beauty, and variation of color as we get in this great recording.

Track Listings are:

1. Waltz in E flat major Op 18
2. Waltz in A flat major Op 34 No 1
3. Waltz in A minor Op 34 No 2
4. Waltz in F major Op 34 No 3
5. Waltz in A flat major Op 42
6. Waltz in D flat major ‘Minute’ Op 64 No 1
7. Waltz in C sharp minor Op 64 No 2
8. Waltz in A flat major Op 64 No 3
9. Waltz in D flat major Op 70 No 3
10. Waltz in B minor Op 69 No 2
11. Waltz in E major KKIVa/12
12. Waltz in A flat major KKIVa/13
13. Waltz in E minor KKIVa/15
14. Waltz in G major Op 70 No 1
15. Waltz in A flat major Op 69 No 1
16. Waltz in F minor Op 70 No 2
17. Waltz in A minor KKIVb/11
18. Sostenuto in E flat major ‘Waltz’ KKIVb/10
19. Waltz in E flat major KKIVa/14
20. Waltz in F sharp minor ‘Valse melancolique’ KKIb/7

This CD will be issued on August 9, 2011

To get a sense of what an outstanding performer we have in Mr. Hough, watch this one-hour video:


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