Berlin Concert Review

Concert Review

  • Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra concert, August 26, 2011

For the first time today, I feel that I have finally penetrated the core essence of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony #7. My breakthrough occurred as I was listening to a live performance of this masterpiece, as performed by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle. I was able to attend by connecting to the concert hall in Berlin via the Internet HERE. It was 10 AM in California; 8 PM in Berlin.

For many years now I have persevered in my effort to keep listening to this symphony, even though it always seemed disconnected and enigmatic to me. I always loved the two interior movements titled “Nachtmusik I” and “Nachtmusik II”. Today, however, I also got to finally penetrate and enjoy the Scherzo movement with its elegant, even swinging dance-like style.

The last movement, “Rondo-Finale” still seemed somewhat foreign, compared to the other sections. That just means that it requires more patient listening on my part. That’s the way it is, if one wants to understand the music of Gustav Mahler (1860-1911).

Today’s opening concert at the Berlin Philharmonic was dedicated to just this one work. This orchestra has become the premier symphony orchestra of the planet, in my view. And the energy, competence, dedication, and capability of all its players was totally evident to me, as I was sitting in front of my computer, yet the Digital Concert Hall took me directly into each section of the orchestra, allowing me to see and hear each intimate detail of this work.

And now, here are some samples of this work for you:

Symphony No. 7 in E minor: Mov. 1, “Langsam (Adagio) – Allegro risoluto, ma non troppo” by Gustav Mahler, as performed by the Vienna Philharmonic, Conducted by Leonard Bernstein:


Next, here is conductor Gustavo Dudamel, talking about Mahler’s 7th symphony:



And finally,  the “Nachtmusik II” from this symphony, conducted by Claudio Abbado:



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