Fleming sings Strauss

Renee Fleming sings Strauss

Yesterday I heard a recording of Renee Fleming, singing in Strauss’ “Arabella”. It was done by the Zurich Opera in modern dress, and I thought it was excellent.

Reneee Fleming is clearly a wonderful singer. What’s more, however, is that she’s a very good actress, and this is so important in any Opera. And… Fleming’s diction in German is excellent, as well.

Richard Strauss was married to a soprano who was recognized as a leading singer in her day. It is likely that this fact had a strong influence on the outstanding songs, and the many operas, where sopranos have unforgettable leading roles.


Here is Renee Fleming in ‘Mein Elmer’ from “Arabella” by Richard Strauss



And here’s another excerpt from the same opera, filmed at the Zurich Opera in 2007. The second singer is Julia Kleiter


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