Schumann Quartets

Schumann Quartets

On this disc are three masterpieces from the nineteenth-century chamber music repertoire: Schumann’s set of string quartets, Op. 41. The works are performed by the Doric String Quartet.

The three string quartets, Op. 41 represent Schumann’s only published contribution to the string quartet literature. They were completed during a period of major creative activity in 1842.

These quartets show us Schumann’s use of wonderful of melodies, and there are also hints of melodies which also appear in his symphonies. Schumann arranged for the first performance of the quartets to take place on 13 September 1842, as a present for his wife, Clara, on her twenty-third birthday.

I could not locate a video of the Doric Quartet’s performance; so, instead, here’s the Hausmann Quartet playing Schumann’s lovely Op. 41 number 3



And here’s another one of Schumann’s quartets: The String Quartet op. 41 No.1, Introduzione: Andante espressivo – Allegro



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