Vasily Petrenko

Vasily Petrenko

It is very clear to me that Vasily Petrenko will likely become a very well-known person in the coming years. At age 35, he’s making some amazing music with many orchestras. Most recently he conducted the San Francisco Symphony in a highly successful set of performances featuring the music of Elgar, and also supported violinist Joshua Bell in a terrific concerto performance.

Here’s just one sample of this conductor’s brilliance: Mr. Petrenko conducts Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 6



Now you can see his excellent work as he conducts the Mahler Symphony No 1: With Chief Conductor, Vasily Petrenko, at the helm, watch a stunning highlight from the symphony’s second movement performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.



This man is going places! I just love his style, his grace, and the clearness of his signals and gestures to orchestra members. And see what outstanding playing he’s able to obtain from his layers!

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