Creative Variations

Creative Variations

Beethoven: Diabelli Variations, Op. 120 / Brahms: Handel Variations, Op. 24 / Bach: Goldberg Variations BWV 988

Issued: June, 2011

This is a collection of wonderful piano works by three different composers, and three different interpreters:

  • The Bach Goldberg variations is an amazing work, built as a series of musical “Fantasies”, as it were, on a single theme the J S Bach called the “Aria”.
  • After Bach, Beethoven, too, composed variations as parts of piano sonatas, and as independent works as is the case here, in his so-called Diabelli variations.
  • And Johannes Brahms composed many works, such as the variations on a theme by Handel, also scored for symphony orchestra.

All three of these performances were recorded around 20 years ago. We see a young Andras Schiff perform the Bach masterpiece. I liked his interpretation; my only dislike was the constant close-up video of Mr. Schiff’s face, which to me was a distraction.

Daniel Barenboim performs the Beethoven, as recorded in 1991. Like the rest of us, he was a young man then…

And we see a very young Yefim Bronfman play the Brahms.

Wonderful music for your enjoyment.

Here are some highlights of “Variations”: Barenboim/Beethoven – Bronfman/Brahms – Schiff/Bach



Yes… yes… some of you want to hear the Glenn Gould performance of the Goldberg. This is for you…



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