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The art of Barbara Bonney

You might not know that the music of Barbara Bonney began when she studied the Cello. Wow… I sure would have liked to hear her play one of my favorite instruments. Yet… all instruments are in reality trying to imitate the human voice. So it is no surprise that Ms. Bonney ultimately became a world renowned singer.

And what can be more fitting than to join her marvelous voice with the music of genius: Mozart!

We get to hear the following Lieder by Mozart on this recording:

1. An die Freude
2. Ridente la calma
3. Oiseaux, si tous les ans
4. Dans un bois solitaire
5. O Gotteslamm
6. Komm, liebe Zither
7. Sei du mein Trost
8. Der Zauberer
9. Die Zufriedenheit
10. Das Veilchen
11. Lied der Freiheit
12. Die Verschwigung
13. Lied der Trennung
14. Als Luise die Briefe…
15. Abendempfindung on Laura
16. An Chloe
17. Das Traumbild
18. Sehnsucht nach dem Frühlinge
19. Der Frühling
20. Das Kinderspiel
21. Männer suchen stets zu naschen
22. Un moto di gioia

Ms. Bonney’s velvety tone and her flawless technique, her musicianship, and her outstanding collaboration with Parsons, make this quite simply one of the best recordings you’ll find.

Barbara Bonney sings in a very pure, tender, smooth, yet still rich tone. Her German diction is impeccable, her technique is spotless as she glides from one phrase to the next in a totally musical way.

Here now are Barbara Bonney and Geoffrey Parsons “An Chloë” by W.A. Mozart

Click HERE to access the video:

And now… here are Barbara Bonney and Anne Sofie Von Otter in R.Strauss’ “Der Rosenkavalier” singing “Ist Ein Traum”

Carlos Kleiber – Conducting the Choir and Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera



And finally, here is Barbara Bonney, snging “Auf Flugeln des Gesanges” by Mendelssohn “On wings of song”



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