Bernstein’s Mozart

Mozart: Requiem & Mass in C minor


  • Requiem in D minor, K626

Instr. Franz Beyer (Ed. Kunzelmann)
Marie McLaughlin, Maria Ewing, Jerry Hadley & Cornelius                     Hauptmann

  • Mass in C minor, K427 ‘Great’

Arleen Augér, Frederica von Stade, Frank Lopardo, Cornelius Hauptmann & Friedemann Winklhofer

  • Exsultate, jubilate, K165

Arleen Augér

  • Ave verum corpus, K618

Choir and Orchestra of the Bavarian Network, conducted by Leonard Bernstein

Mozart died in 1791, before he was able to complete the Requiem, K. 626. It was left to one of his students to use some of the fragments that Mozart did write down, to provide for eternity the piece that is the first in this collection of four works for one or more human voices.

Leading a distinguished team of soloists and chorus, and recorded in magnificent settings in Bavaria, Leonard Bernstein conducts Mozart’s two greatest sacred works with great emotion and strong feelings. In addition there is a moving account of the beautiful motet “Ave Verum Corpus”, and an exuberant “Exsultate Jubilate”, with the great Arleen Auger as soloist.

Here is Leonard Bernstein in Mozart’s Requiem, K.626

And now, one of my great favorites from the Requiem (at 01:25):
Mozart Requiem, “Lacrimosa”


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