Jarvi’s Faure

Fauré: Requiem

This CD is a live Recording of the following compositions:


  • Pavane, Op. 50
  • Élégie in C minor, Op. 24

Éric Picard (cello)

  • Super flumina Babylonis, for mixed choir and orchestra
  • Cantique de Jean Racine, Op. 11
  • Requiem, Op. 48

This performance features the following artists:

Chen Reiss (soprano), Matthias Goerne (baritone) & Philippe Aïche (violin solo)
Choir of the Orchestre de Paris & Orchestre de Paris, conducted by Paavo Järvi

Gabriel Faure composed some very beautiful music, and much of it is captured on this recording. Examples are the Pavane, Op. 50, and the Elegie for Cello, Op. 24. In his Requiem, Fauré created a work of great beauty even though one senses its complete simplicity. As a result the mood of the Requiem is relatively calm and peaceful and often referred to as a “lullaby of death”. As such, Fauré’s unconventional composition has become a favorite in the repertoire.

Paavo Järvi, the director of the Orchestre de Paris – one of the largest and most prestigious international orchestras – and has already gained a notable reputation as a conductor, including winning a Grammy award. Paavo Järvi’s interpretation of this music is excellent, and he combines deep feeling, strong execution with a sensitive degree of simplicity of playing.

Here is the Fauré’s Requiem, with Paavo Järvi & L’Orchestre de Paris



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