Gerhard Oppitz

Schubert – Piano Works Volume 5

Pianist Gerhard Oppitz here continues his Schubert series:

There are two opposing forces for me on this CD: One is my total love for the music of Schubert. The second is my expectation that Schubert’s work be interpreted in a way that’s meaningful to me. (After all, I am expressing one person’s opinion here… mine.)

While Mr. Oppitz is clearly an experienced pianist, I had difficulty connecting with his interpretation/performance of this music. As I analyzed my reaction to his playing, I concluded that my main issue is one of dynamics. I simply did not hear adequate excursions from pianissimo to fortissimo in Mr. Oppitz’s playing.

Gramophone magazine writes:

“….this imperious, no-nonsense German pianist bears down heavily on Schubert’s lyricism and vitality…..”

The Schubert compositions are:


  • Piano Sonata No. 9 in B major, D575
  • Piano Sonata No. 16 in A minor, D845

Performed by Gerhard Oppitz, piano

I could not locate any videos of Mr. Oppitz playing Schubert, so judge for yourselves from his playing of the following music:

First here is the Beethoven Piano Sonata op.81a “Les Adieux” 2nd movement




And here is the Piano Concerto No 2 in B flat minor op 66 by Giuseppe Martucci, first movement “Allegro giusto”, with Gerhard Oppitz, piano, and the Symphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio, Riccardo Muti, conductor




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