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Glenn Gould on Television: Complete CBC Broadcasts 1954 – 1977

By the time he reached his mid-20’s, Glenn Gould had changed the way the world listened to the keyboard works of Johann Sebastian Bach. By the time of his fatal stroke in 1982, two days after he turned 50, this daring and visionary artist had successfully challenged many of the most cherished conventions of classical music.

Now, for the first time, the many film and television programs Gould made with the Canadian Broad casting Corporation from 1954 to 1977 are collected in their entirety in “Glenn Gould on Television: The Complete CBC Broadcasts”. More than 19 hours of TV specials, concert performances, interviews and discussions collected on 10 DVDs make it possible to discover what Gould always considered some of his most significant and original life’s work, most of which has not been seen since it was first telecast.

DVD 1 1954 1974
Early TV performances and program excerpts (1954 1974)
The Subject is Beethoven

DVD 2 1962
Music in the U.S.S.R.
Glenn Gould on Bach

DVD 3 1962 & 1963
Richard Strauss: A Personal View
The Anatomy of the Fugue

DVD 4 1964 & 1966
Anthology of Variation: Duo Glenn Gould & Yehudi Menuhin

DVD 5 1966
Conversations with Glenn Gould: Humphrey Burton Interviews
Bach & Beethoven

DVD 6 1966
Conversations with Glenn Gould: Humphrey Burton Interviews
Schoenberg & R. Strauss

DVD 7 1967
Music for a Sunday Afternoon: Mozart & Beethoven
The Canada Centennial Concert

DVD 8 1970
The Idea of North: A film by Judith Pearlman
The Beethoven Bicentennial Concert

DVD 9 1974 & 1975
Musicamera: Music In Our Time; The Age of Ecstasy: 1900 1910
The Flight from Order: 1910 1920

DVD 10 1975 & 1977
Musicamera: Music In Our Time New Faces, Old Forms: 1920 1930
The Artist as Artisan: 1930 1940

Performed by Glenn Gould, piano

Here is Glenn Gould: A Portrait (1985) (documentary)



And now here is Glenn Gould playing J.S. Bach’s Partita #2 (ASTOUNDING!)


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