Arthur Rubinstein, in his won words

Many years ago, I drove to San Francisco, because Arthur Rubinstein was performing there. I recall the evening very well. Rubinstein appeared in a burgundy-colored evening jacket, looked erect and dignified, and began to play the piano for an evening that I would never forget. The hall was sold out. It was one of Rubinstein’s final concerts.

He liked many things beyond music: He enjoyed travel, art, family, friends and more. He loved many cities, and most of all Paris. Many people felt offended by his occasional lack of pianistic accuracy. Others were willing to forgive that, because his musical feeling, interpretation, phrasing, and utter devotion to his art were primary.

Here is Arthur Rubinstein playing the music of Chopin, specifically the Nocturne in F-sharp Major, Op. 15, number 2. To hear the music, please click HERE.

And next, an here is an interview with Arthur Rubinstein at age 90



Finally, here’s another interesting Rubinstein video for you



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