Schubert’s Lieder

Schubert Lieder, Volume 6: Schwanengesang & Sonata D960

I have always had a particular fondness for the music of Schubert; perhaps it is because my mother (Z/L) was an amateur singer, and she just might have sung some Schubert to me when I was a child.

On this CD, Baritone Matthias Goerne continues his Schubert survey that has already established him as one of the most gifted exponents of the song repertoire. Goerne does not merely ‘interpret’ Schubert, he ‘lives’ each song and invites the listener to share this poetry and musical intimacy.

This sixth volume also features an excellent performance of Schubert’s last piano sonata by one of the baritone’s favorite partners, Christoph Eschenbach. Offered on a free bonus CD, this ‘second swansong’ reveals some new resonances under this pianist’s expert fingers.


  • Schwanengesang, D957

with Matthias Goerne (baritone)

  • Piano Sonata No. 21 in B flat major, D960

Christoph Eschenbach (piano)

The Guardian, 5th April 2012, wrote:

“Some of those songs – Der Atlas, Der Doppelgänger – become exercises in gothic horror, others are slowed down to the point of inertia, though the group of Rellstab settings is generally buoyant and beautifully nuanced.”

Here are the tracks on these 2 CD’s:

• Schubert: Schwanengesang, D 957

1. Liebesbotschaft
2. Kriegers Ahnung
3. Frühlingssehnsucht
4. Ständchen
5. Aufenthalt
Herbst, D 945
6. In Der Ferne
7. Abschied
8. Der Atlas
9. Ihr Bild
10. Das Fischermädchen
11. Die Stadt
12. Am Meer
13. Der Doppelgänger
14. Die Taubenpost

• Schubert: Piano Sonata No. 21 in B flat major, D960

I. Molto Moderato
II. Andante Sostenuto
III. Scherzo. Allegro Vivace Con Delicatezza
IV. Allegro, Ma Non Troppo

Here for you now is Mr. Goerne, singing Schubert’s astounding Lied called “Du bist die Ruh”

(You Are Repose)

You are repose,
You’re gentle peace,
You are yearning
And it’s appease…



And here’s another selection (with video): “Wanderers Nachtlied” by Schubert



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