Mozart Missa Brevis

Mozart: Mass No. 8 ‘Missa Brevis’

It is well known that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had to contend with his father’s decision to rob his two kids of their childhood in order to parade their amazing musical abilities in front of Europe’s nobility. Later on, the Archbishop of Salzburg would complain that Mozart’s compositions often had “too many notes…”

At one time Mozart retaliated by composing a religious Mass which had *fewer* notes, and this CD gives us two examples of these compositions:


  • Missa Brevis in D major K194
  • Missa Brevis in B flat major K275

Performed by Cornelia Horak (soprano), Martina Steffl (alto), Alexander Kaimbacher (tenor), Klemens Sander (bass), with the Chorverignigung St. Augustin and Orchestra, conducted by Andreas Pixner

The St. Augustin choir is assisted by excellent soloists and professional musicians, many of whom come from Vienna’s great orchestras and have been accompanying the choir for years.

Watch now how a different group of young people perform Mozart’s music. This is a real commitment to excellence!

Here is the Koriyama Second Junior High School during the Vocal Ensemble Competition in Japan 2008 perform the Mozart Missa brevis KV 194

And now here’s the same group doing the Mozart Missa Brevis in B KV 275

What a terrific way to make music by these young people!

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