Schumann’s Cello

Schumann: Works for Cello and Piano


  • Adagio and Allegro in A flat major, Op. 70
  • Fantasiestücke, Op. 73
  • Romances (3), Op. 94
  • Märchenbilder (4), Op. 113
  • Stücke im Volkston (5), Op. 102

Performed by France Springuel (cello) and Jan Vermeulen (fortepiano)

Schumann had a very flexible approach to the instrumentation of his chamber works. As demonstrated here, the Adagio and Allegro for horn and fortepiano Op.70 can also performed on the cello or violin. ‘Drei Fantasiestücke Op.73′ (also included) can be performed on clarinet, violin or cello. France Springuel and Jan Vermeulen have also taken this flexible approach to ”Drei Romanzen’ and ‘Märchenbilder’

In 1840, Schumann dedicated himself into the song repertoire; in 1841 he concentrated on the symphony, and 1842 became the year of chamber music. In the following years Schumann was troubled by an unstable physical and mental condition.

However, in 1849 he had enough energy for a genuine compositional outburst. Except for the Märchenbilder Op. 113 (from 1851), all works on this CD were composed during this, the composer’s self-described most fertile year.

Here is the Schumann ‘Adagio und Allegro’ performed beautifully by Ms. France Springuel, cello

Notice the amazing pianissimos that are part of this wonderful music!

And now another gem:

The ‘Arpeggione sonata’ by Schubert, with France Springuel playing on a 5 stringed Cello Picollo with gut strings, and Jan Vermeulen on a Nanette Streicher Pianoforte (1826)

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