Isabelle Faust

Isabelle Faust plays Bach

While I have not heard her in a live performance, I experience Ms. Faust to have very stylish playing; and completely without any affectation. She has a nice warm tone, as well as excellent attention to dynamics. I find the playing to be very “airy”. I like that; perhaps she might use less open strings, but I could get used to that, as well…

Some of her tempi (see below) are on the slower side, and I like that, too. This gave me more time to savor the details of her music.

Isabelle Faust’s phrasing is really beautiful and full of feeling. And the slower passages also demonstrate the virtuosity of her playing.

Here is Isabelle Faust in the Bach Partita II BWV 1004 in D minor, V. Ciaccona


And now, here she is with piano: Isabelle Faust, with Alexander Melnikov in Beethoven’s Violin Sonata #10 In G, Op. 96



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