Koriyama’s Rachmaninov!

Koriyama’s Rachmaninov!

I love the music of Rachmaninov. There is always present in Rachmaninov’s symphonies a warm lusciousness of sound, and a lot of fine melodies. I think that for Russians, Tchaikovsky is their Beethoven. And I suppose that Rachmaninov is their Brahms.

But I have an “agenda” today. Instead of describing this specific recording, I want to show you how a group of young people are able to prepare a terrific performance of Rachmaninov’s second symphony. Read on…

I have long admired the performance of Bach’s music for voice, as interpreted by several choirs in Japan. The dedication of Japanese performers to excellence in music really sets a wonderful example.

In my earlier post of Mozart’s Missa Brevis, I featured the Koriyama second Junior High School choir and orchestra. Today I will show you what the same school’s instrumentalists are capable of:

Here is the Koriyama 2nd Jr. High school orchestra, in the Fukushima Northeast area primary convention of 2005 Japan Junior Music Contest. They are performing Sergei Rachmaninov’s Symphony No.2 – Allegro molto
Their conductor: Ms. Kimie Haga


What a terrific performance by these young people! Their hard work, and the coaching that they received by their teachers should be admired.


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