Giorgio Mirto

Nocturnes for Guitar

This recording gives us a very original selection of guitar works in which the night is the inspiration: darkness, suspense and fright of the unknown, but also the sense mystery.

Composers of this music include Giorgio Mirto himself, and the composers writing for Mirto’s performance are: Manco, Torresan, Di Salvo, Albini, and more familiar composers such as Pujol and Miklos Rozsa.

The selections are:


  • Corale No. 45, notturno

First recording. Dedicated to Giorgio Mirto


  • Nocturno


  • Notturno No. 3

First recording. Dedicated to Giorgio Mirto


  • 3 Nocturnes

First recording

Pujol, M D:

  • Nocturno

First recording. Dedicated to Giorgio Mirto


  • Valse crépuscalaire


  • La notte di Penelope

First recording. Dedicated to Giorgio Mirto


  • Ninna nanna a Donegal
  • Le colline di Karen, notturno africano

First recording. Dedicated to Giorgio Mirto


  • Notturno

First recording. Dedicated to Giorgio Mirto


  • Into dark

Performed by Giorgio Mirto, guitar

This is a new recording, with personal liner notes by the composer and artist. With its romantic and mystical connotations, ‘night’ has long been the inspiration behind many works of art.

This release presents an alternative interpretation, detailing a selection of little-known and contemporary compositions that have all been written for guitar. The compilation contains expert performances by Giorgio Mirto and begins with his 3 Nocturnes – the first of several Italian works featured on this disc.

As well as revisiting the music of Máximo Diego Pujol, whose exotic Nocturno brilliantly captures the sights and sounds of Buenos Aires, the collection also includes Valse crépusculaire – written by Hungarian-born Miklós Rózsa for the award-winning film ‘Providence’.

Andrew York’s spirited “Into dark” completes this musical survey.

The repertoire on this CD is quite varied, ranging from Giorgio Mirto’s own compositions to those of old Argentinean masters, but each piece is filled with color and expression to evoke the moods of night and darkness.

Here is Giorgio Mirto playing Montes “Preludio de adios”


And here is Maximo Diego Pujol’s “Torino” as performed by Giorgio Mirto, guitar


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