Yo Yo Ma

Bach, J S: Cello Suites Nos. 1-6, BWV1007-1012

  • Performed by Yo-Yo Ma (cello)

The name Yo Yo Ma has become a world-wide icon for anyone who lives in the world of classical music. For many years he has given the world the amazing experience of listening to concertos for Cello, as well as chamber music. My sense, though, is that his playing of music for the Cello alone remains his hallmark. In this music of Johann Sebastian Bach, we get to see what a musician Mr. Ma really is.

The cello suites by Bach have a real intimacy and depth. The cello has a richness that is all its own. In my next life, I will play both Cello and viola.

The movements of these suites range from the dance-like Preludes, Courantes, and Gigues to the calm, relaxing Allemandes and Sarabande. Yo-Yo Ma’s playing is sensitive, full of color, rhythm, and richness that makes these pieces come to life.

Mr. Ma’s playing has a very special way of exploring the soul the Bach expressed in these suites. His tone allows him to delve into the music, pulling out wonderful bits of real meaning that create a joy for the listener.

This is music from the early 1700’s, and there’s something very nostalgic about it. The performance allows one to be transported to wherever you want to be while hearing these magical sounds.

Here is Yo Yo Ma performing the Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite No.1



And next I have for you the Sarabande from the Bach Cello Suite N°.2


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